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BLOG: How to Brow with Ardell Brow Pomade

Written by CustomerCare Shopbeauty


Posted on October 28 2021

How-to-Brow with Ardell Brow Pomade:


Your brows are THE one feature you should be maintaining regularly! Our quick 5-Step How-To-Blog is here to help.




Anyone and everyone! It’s a great brow defining tool, brilliant at keeping brows in place, and perfect for those with sparse brow hair.

Brow pomade is ideal for those wanting flexibility with their brow styles, and it provides a more natural look. Bonus: You don’t need a steady hand to ‘draw’ anything in!



Ardell are no strangers to the lash & brow industry. They offer gorgeous beauty products that actually work and are super easy to apply for the every day you. The Brow Pomade kit helps you keep your brows bold and in place and is great for the person who likes to change things up a little, for the busy Mum on the run or those hard at work.



Let’s assume your brow shape is on point, and you’re rocking the styles that enhances your naturally gorgeous features. Now it’s time to jump into one of the easiest products to set your brow game to ultra-amazing with Ardell Brow Pomade.


First thing’s first, you must start with clean brow hairs so the product can bond to the hair and skin. Our pick: Audrey Belle’s Foaming 2-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover.





Using your spoolie brush, gently brush the brow hair upward to open the brow and reveal its full shape.


Using the angled tip applicator brush, lightly dip the brush end into the pomade and begin to outline around your desired brow shape.



To fill in your brow outline, start from the end of your brow and begin to brush the pomade from the base of the brow line and upward with the direction of the brow hair. Working your way to the center of your eyebrows, gently apply the pomade using the same upward motion. Tip: Your brow ends should always be darker than the middle of the brow. So, as you work your way in, you can always take the pressure off the brush to lighten the application.



Using the spoolies brush, gently blend the colour up and in between the brow hair and skin to fill in any gaps and create an even blend.

And it’s as easy as that!


If you haven’t picked your brow pomade colour yet, here are the colours available by Ardell at ShopBeauty.




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