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Waxaway Aquawax Roll On Kit

$26.95 AUD

With an easy roll-on application and no spatulas or electrical wax heaters required; simply heat, roll and wax!

There is no sticky residue as Aquawax is 100% water soluble, it simply washes off in water. The three unique roller heads suit all areas, making it easy and convenient to achieve results.

Safe and suitable for use on all areas of the body including face, bikini, legs and body; Aquawax contains no resins or harsh chemicals and is Vegan friendly.

The microwavable cartridge makes waxing efficient as it’s ready in 10 seconds!


  • Roller Heads for face, delicate areas & body
  • All natural formula
  • Simply washes off in water
  • With 12 Reusable Wax Strips

To Use

It's as easy as...

  • Step 1 Hold cartridge on a 45 degree angle upside down and slowly roll over the skin in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Step 2 Place wax strip over the wax and smooth down firmly.
  • Step 3 Hold skin taught with one hand and gripping on to the edge of the wax strip, quickly pull back in the opposite direction of hair growth as close to the skin as possible.


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