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Barneys Strip Wax Kit

$129.95 AUD

Barneys Strip Wax Kit has all the essential items required to perform strip waxing services.

This great package offer includes both pre and post products and includes Barneys Platinum Strip wax, our bestselling wax so you can perform an effective and comfortable treatment for your clients.

Barneys Strip Wax Kit Includes:

· Barneys Platinum Strip Wax -800g

· Barneys Pre-Wax Cleanser Peppermint Oil – 250ml

· Barneys After-Waxing Oil Tea Tree – 250ml

· Barneys Wax Strips 100 pack – 8 x 22cm

· Barneys Disposable Wooden Wax Applicators – Large (250)

· Barneys Professional Digital Wax Heater 500ml

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