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Lycon Lyco'Pedi Sugar Scrub - 520g

$25.95 AUD

With Vitamin E and Marine Collagen. 

Effectively  exfoliates and removes dead skin cells without harsh scratching. The  lyco۪pedi Sugar Scrub is oil-free, will not stain towels and  conveniently does not scatter all over the place as you work. This  exquisite natural formula helps banish calluses and dry rough skin, to  reveal brighter younger looking feet that feel silky smooth and  invigorated.
Lemon Tea-Tree and Peppermint essential oils  hygienically refresh feet and fight odours. Marine Collagen for  smoothing hydration, Vitamin E to moisturise and Sugar Crystals for  natural exfoliation. lyco۪pedi Sugar Scrub is plastic bead free

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