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Modelrock Gold Luxe Makeup Brush - Chisel-Sculpt-Shade

$25.95 AUD

Modelrock Luxe Gold Makeup Brush – Chisel-Sculpt-Shade

Ideal for sculpting & shading.

Want a flawless and snatched makeup finish?

Modelrock Luxe Gold Makeup Scultping Brush – Chisel-Sculpt-Shade is our most uniquely shaped brush, designed so you can achieve that flawless and snatched finish to your makeup look.  Chisel-Sculpt and shade cheekbones, forehead and jawline, the curved shaped design hugs the contours of the face and will help you create a flawless finish every time!

• Vegan Synthetic Fibres
• Copper Furrel
• 8 Times Coated Birchwood Handle

Modelrock GOLD LUXE brushes feel like crushed velvet on the skin, seamlessly and flawlessly applying your desired products.

Did you know? Each brush is handbound by specialised brush artisans using traditional brush making techniques for unparalleled performance and craftsmanship. The Vegan synthetic fibres housed in copper ferrules are flawlessly shaped and tied to help you create a precise application, hardwood Birch handles are 8 times coated for longevity and durability.

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