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MY ECO BEAUTY KIT - BAMBOO Lip Gloss Wands 25pk

$11.95 AUD

MY ECO BEAUTY KIT - BAMBOO Lip Gloss Wands 25pk

The perfect hygienic makeup disposable for the eco-conscious makeup lover. Your must have beauty tool minus the waste.

Use for makeup application: The My Eco Beauty Kit Bamboo disposable lip gloss applicators allow you to apply your lip gloss or lipstick with precision using the soft tapered wand tip.

Use as a cleaning tool: For luscious lips, use the Bamboo Lip Gloss wands as a gentle lip cleaner with your favourite lip scrub or facial wash.

 - Perfect for appyling lip colour to lips
 - Can be used for brow makeup application
 - Also great for gentle removal of eyelash extensions
 - Bamboo handle
 - Soft hoof-shaped tip for precision use

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